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Shannon's Path Launches in Memory of Shannon H. McDonald

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Welcome to the recently-released homepage for Shannon's Path. Launched by the family of Shannon H. McDonald, Shannon's Path is dedicated to funding appendiceal cancer research and integrative cancer care. Shannon set out to live each day to the fullest and provide for those around her. It is in this spirit that Shannon's family continues her path with this charity.

Shannon's Path is dedicated to funding appendiceal cancer research and integrative cancer care.

Our Inspiration

Shannon grew up in Erie, PA on her family’s farm, developing a lifelong love for horses and the accompaniment of dogs, and an all-around appreciation for nature’s creatures and beauty. Following her graduation from Colby College, and after beginning her professional career in Boston, Shannon attended Boston University and earned a master’s degree in Social Work. If ever there was a person perfectly suited for a profession, it was Shannon for Social Work. Her selfless soul and desire to help the most needy led her to a career of providing the necessary services for the most vulnerable of all, at-risk children in the Worcester, MA area aged birth to three.

Her natural sense for nurturing and gift of remarkable patience were instrumental in her proudest accomplishments - the raising of two beautiful sons who resemble their mother in their caring demeanor. Shannon and her husband spent nearly 30 years together sharing a full and rewarding life supported by a foundation of abiding love, laughter and respect.

When diagnosed with Appendiceal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma in 2015, Shannon was immediately inspired to outlive a 30-month life expectancy. Shannon’s desire to persevere, under the harshest of consequences, resulted in a 5+ year effort to overcome a disease in which most succumb in half that time. Her resilience, stoicism, determination, and outright refusal to concede, along with the help of a loyal cadre of providers of both conventional and alternative medical approaches, not to mention the loving support of family, friends and neighbors, enabled Shannon to set the examples of always remaining positive and enjoying each day. Throughout these 5 years, it was this quiet but unwavering spirit that served as a constant reminder to her family in how to live life and is now the cornerstone of her family’s commitment to continue her legacy in her memory.

Shannon's Path

Inspired by her life values and journey with cancer, Shannon's husband and two sons have set out to support appendiceal cancer research and integrative cancer care. Shannon's Path launched in May 2022 with a fundraiser amongst a limited circle of family and friends. Now, is live for all to read about Shannon's journey and participate in furthering the organization's mission.

Please consider donating to Shannon's Path and participating in its inaugural dog walk either in person in Southborough, MA, or virtually on October 2nd.

For any inquiries, please email

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