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Dana Farber's Jimmy Fund Blog Highlights Shannon's Path and October Dog Walk

Earlier this year, Howie, Sam, and Jackson sat down with the Dana Farber team to discuss how they continue to honor Shannon's legacy and work to fund rare cancer research and integrative care. We encourage you to check out the blog post linked below!

For Howie, Sam, and Jackson, Shannon's Path fulfills a dual purpose. First and foremost, enhance the quality of life and treatment for patients with cancer similar to Shannon's. Simultaneously, the organization allows the three of them to forge an even closer relationship with their mother and wife by honoring her legacy.

Throughout Shannon's five years of living with cancer, she routinely professed the importance of caring for others and making the most of the days you have. Simply put, Shannon's life purpose was ensuring that those around her could flourish. As the Shannon's Path team shared with the Jimmy Fund Blog, it is exactly this path that they intend to continue through this organization.

In addition to carrying Shannon's legacy forward, Howie, Sam, and Jackson also ensure that the organization does not lose sight of those that played a pivotal role in Shannon's treatment. The team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (doctors, nurses, social workers, volunteers, and researchers) helped Shannon focus on her family while also confronting her diagnosis head-on. For this reason, Shannon's Path is a proud supporter of Dana Farber's mission and looks forward to continuing to advance rare cancer research and care in collaboration with the DFCI team.

You can read Dana Farber's complete article here. Additionally, those interested in supporting Shannon's Path's mission as we continue to build out our program can find ways to donate here.

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