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Launch Your Own Facebook Fundraiser in Support of Shannon's Path

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Have you ever wanted to engage your own family and friends in support of Shannon's Path? Facebook fundraisers make this really easy to do. Whether in honor of your birthday, participation in our Dog Walk, or just because, you can leverage the power of Facebook to support rare cancer research and integrative care. Facebook will send 100% of all money raised directly to Shannon's Path.

Follow the tips below to maximize your impact.

Tip #1 - Utilize your Facebook Network to Grow Donations

Head to Facebook Fundraisers and click "select nonprofit" at the top. Then, search for Shannon's Path.

Tip #2 - Set a Realistic Goal - Increase as Needed

Start by entering your fundraising goal to provide your friends and family with a milestone to hit. Make a goal you believe to be achievable and then increase it as your fundraiser progresses. This way, members of your Facebook network feel they are making a real impact on the progress of your campaign. Be sure to keep an eye on your fundraiser so you can increase the goal as needed to fuel additional donations.

Tip #3 - Make it Personal

Add a description and photos to help tell your story. A thoughtful and personal description is often the key to a successful campaign. This box is your chance to share why Shannon's Path is important to you and why you hope your friends will support the cause.

Tip #4 - Invite Friends

Take immediate action to "invite" friends to donate to your fundraiser. If friends come across your fundraiser in their News Feed, it will be very easy for them to scroll past the post. Instead, head to your fundraiser's page and click invite next to all your friends so that they personally receive an invitation to donate. Facebook has found that inviting friends makes them more likely to donate to your cause.

Tip #5 - Match Donations

Consider offering to match donations up to a certain amount. This pledge incentivizes donations by providing an even bigger impact. Your friends will realize that their gift will have twice the impact.

Tip #6 - Thank Your Donors

Don't forget to acknowledge your donors! This quick, but important, step shows how much you appreciate their support and it also causes the fundraiser to pop back up in your network's Facebook feed if you write public comments on each donation.

Support Shannon's Path!!

A Facebook fundraiser is the perfect way to get your family and friends involved with Shannon's Path. If you are taking part in our Inaugural Dog Walk, challenge your network to support your participation. Although we are starting small, with your help we can make an impact in honor of Shannon!

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