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2022 Dog Walk

130 Walkers





Life is full of paths. Small ones, big ones, singular or overlapping, important or inconsequential.


Some are consciously planned, while others are predestined.  They can be purposely set to navigate through important life milestones like marriage, children and career.  Or, simply how to easily get from Point A to Point B.  Regardless of their desired outcome or intent, they guide us from a starting point to a destination.  What matters most is how we conduct ourselves, how we commit ourselves, while on our paths.


While on her path with cancer, Shannon taught us so much about life, living life to its fullest every day when it would have been easy and understandable to take a day off.  She was so true to herself, never wavering from her core beliefs and values. Cancer couldn’t make Shannon into someone she wasn’t.  She was so selfless, always concerned about others when others were so concerned about her. It was this type of conduct, her commitment to upholding her values while she was on her path, that forms the value set for this charity dedicated in her memory.

- Howie Rosenstein | Opening Remarks to Walkers, 2022

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